This Throwback Vid of Alyson Stoner on “Ellen” Is Absolutely Everything

August 29, 2019

It’s official: Alyson Stoner is Having A Moment.

We’ve been unable to stop thinking about the fabulous dancer since Monday, when she made her showstopping cameo in Missy Elliott’s VMAs set. And we’re in good company: Ellen DeGeneres—like most of the internet—is newly (re-)obsessed with Stoner, too. So much so that she dipped into the “Ellen” archives to pull a gem of a clip from 2003, when Stoner appeared on the show after her star-making turn in Elliott’s “Work It” video.

Stoner is just 10 years old in the vid, a pigtailed baby b-girl. She gushes about Justin Timberlake, tries to teach Ellen a few dance moves, and shows off her six-step. (She also gives credit to Hi-Hat, the “Work It” choreographer, which, #BLESS.) It’s all very sweet—and further evidence that Stoner’s been the best from the beginning.