Andrew Winghart's Dance Video About Individuality Will Give You Chills

February 25, 2018

Choreographer Andrew Winghart
has become well-known for his ability to command an extra-large group of dancers. His viral video to Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” featured 37 fab performers, and even won him Dance Magazine‘s Best Viral Video title last December. The extreme synchronization that we’ve come to know and love is on full display in Winghart’s latest video “Moment of Truth,” too.

Similar to his viral “Cry Me a River” hit, this piece features one dancer who stands out from the monochromatic crowd swirling around them. This time though the theme is a tad more militant, and all about how “individuality threatens an environment that commands conformity.”

The visual effects are in a word, stunning, thanks to camera angles positioned above the dancers. That, combined with Winghart’s signature precision, gives the whole scene a dreamy kaleidoscope vibe that’s super captivating.

And watching Nicole Ishimaru’s stunning solo, where she gracefully finds the courage to stand apart from the crowd, is pretty dang powerful. Watch for yourself: