Audition to Meet Madonna

August 29, 2010

“Vogue.” “Ray of Light.” “Like a Virgin.” Madonna is a legend—and most of us would kill for an opportunity to share the stage with her famously fantastic dancers. Well guys and gals, put on your best “Material Girl” outfit, because now is the time to audition for a chance to meet Madonna and perform live at her Material Girl Launch Party at Macy’s Herald Square on September 22! All you have to do is submit a one-minute video of you doing what you do best. For more information and a complete list of rules, visit the Material Girl Collection page—and hurry, because all videos must be submitted by September 3.

 The live Material Girl audition was held last week at NYC’s Broadway Dance Center, and Dance Spirit was there to catch all the action. With camera crews, reporters and dancers swarming all over the place, it was one crazy morning. We saw everything from contemporary dancers to b-boys to oh-my-goodness-please-stop wannabes, but the energy was so contagious we were tempted to kick off our heels and “get into the groove” ourselves.  Below we’ve a listed a few tips that we wish we could have given every dancer before they hit the stage.

1. DON’T come to the audition looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Style your hair, put on some makeup and take time to plan your outfit. If you show you care, the judges will, too.

2. DO walk onto the floor with confidence. Your audition begins the moment the judges see you. Don’t let them take their eyes off you.

3. DON’T stop dancing before the judges stop the music. You have to get out there and give them everything you’ve got.

4. DO work the cameras. Vogue, vogue, vogue…