B-Girl Shorty's Breaking Career

June 30, 2008

B-Girl Shorty
NAME: Alex Welch



Breaking crews Boogie Brats, No Easy Props and Team Roast


B-Girl Beginnings

Terms of Endearment:
After stints living in Florida and North Carolina, Alex Welch spent most of her childhood in Utah, where her classically trained parents set up shop as owners of a local dance studio. Welch spent a great deal of time observing the older dancers, who dubbed her Shorty. “When I was young, I didn’t want to dance because I sat around and watched my parents teach,” says Welch. “It wasn’t until I saw a guy spinning on his head in a video that I went crazy and begged to take classes!”

Angels and Bratz:
Within a week of moving to L.A. last year, Welch booked gigs with two of the industry’s top choreographers: a “Bratz” industrial with Eddie Garcia and Angel’s “Just the Way I Am” music video with Shane Sparks.

Breakin’ In
Friends in High Places:
“In the commercial world, there are hardly any girls who breakdance,” says Welch. As a member of several crews, though, she has met people who can help her succeed, including choreographers Marty Kudelka and Hi-Hat and mentors AsiaOne and Kamel.

She Spins Right Round:
Known for her head spins, Welch has performed her cranial pirouettes in the darndest places—from the hood of a car in the Angel music video to a balance beam in the upcoming feature film Stick It.

Striking a Balance

Books and The Biz:
In order to “devote 110 percent to dancing,” Welch participates in an independent study program called Options for Youth in lieu of school. The program requires a tutor and completing a designated monthly number of units in each school subject. “If I get called on an audition, the teachers are understanding as long as I get all my units done,” Welch explains.


The Future
Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kidd:
Welch is awaiting word on whether “Kidd Fit,” an exercise and nutrition pilot with “Las Vegas” star Josh Duhamel, will be picked up by a major TV network. “I support the project because it’s based around kids’ fitness and health,” says Welch.

Having recently been tapped to teach classes at L.A.’s renowned Millennium Dance Complex, Welch is now one of the youngest instructors in the studio’s history.