BalletX Makes Philly "Happy"

June 16, 2014

C’mon, c’mon get happy!
—said contemporary ballet company BalletX to everyone in Philadelphia.

BalletX’s Summer Series kicks off next month in Philly, and to get the city revved up for the string of premiere-studded performances, the company put together a video montage of BalletX dancers and other Philadelphians showing off their best moves to—what else?—Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy.” (Thought that song was over? You thought wrong. “Happy” WILL NEVER DIE, and frankly we are totally OK with that.)

The four-minute video is chock-full of adorableness—we’re especially partial to the talented little guy at 1:45—and features all kinds of iconic Philly landmarks, too. Take a look, and get your tickets to the BalletX Summer Series here!