Ballroom Dancers Take Over NYC Crosswalk

September 8, 2015


The folks at Improv Everywhere (aka the people who have the most fun) recently staged a ballroom dance takeover in a busy NYC crosswalk.

Those of you who have tried to walk down the sidewalk or cross the street in front of Penn Station on 7th Avenue here in NYC know that it’s absolute insanity. People are in a major hurry and generally don’t like to be stopped. But, as Improv Everywhere notes on their website, navigating NYC is kind of like a dance anyway—so why not make it one?

The group put out a call asking for ballroom dancers, and had only one rehearsal before hitting the streets. Crosswalk-ballroom feels like a flashmob’s sophisticated cousin. And considering how happy all the “regular” pedestrians look once they realize what’s happening, this seems like a pretty great way to brighten up NYC’s hazardous streets and crazy commutes. Check it out below: