Meet the Makers of Freed Pointe Shoes

March 22, 2017

Behind-the-scenes pointe shoe videos are the stuff of bunhead dreams. There’ve been many lovely additions to this category over the years, all of which shed light on how intricate and involved the process of crafting the shoes really is.

(via YouTube)

But National Geographic took it a step further with their short film, “Ballet Shoes: The Craft Before the Dance.” The filmmakers traveled to the Freed of London factory, where they interviewed many of the makers we’ve spotted in previous pointe shoe vids. It’s incredible to hear them speak about how long they’ve been there, and even more special to witness the extreme dedication to their craft. These makers know they play such a huge part in helping a ballerina reach her peak, and because of that, it’s safe to say that each pair of shoes truly is special in its own way. Check it out below:

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