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#EyeCandy: Pointe Shoe Edition

There’s nothing like a pair of pointe shoes—especially when they’re candy-colored, bedazzled, and covered in lace! Check out some of our favorites: 😍😍😍 A version of this story appeared in the March 2017 issue of Dance Spirit.

Meet the Makers of Freed Pointe Shoes

Behind-the-scenes pointe shoe videos are the stuff of bunhead dreams. There’ve been many lovely additions to this category over the years, all of which shed light on how intricate and involved the process of crafting the shoes really is. (via YouTube) But National Geographic took it a step further with their short film, “Ballet Shoes: The […]

Your Moment of Dance Zen: Freed's Mesmerizing Pointe Shoe Video

There’s nothing more beautiful, more glamorous, more elegant than a pointe shoe. But the creation of each pink satin shoe—the process by which canvas and thread and glue are hammered and sewed and baked into submission? It’s so humble, so ugly. And so eternally fascinating. GROSS! But also, COOL! (inside the Freed factory; screenshot from […]