Behind the Scenes with the BalletBoyz

July 23, 2014

Britain’s BalletBoyz are the epitome of cool contemporary dancers—they’re everything we want to be: edgy, versatile technicians with captivating stage presence. Did you ever wonder what it takes to hang with people this talented? Well, the Boyz live-streamed part of their rehearsal today (I’m having a really hard time writing this post and not just staring, slack-jawed, at their dancing. Watching men partner each other is just. so. thrilling.) and it’s an amazing glimpse inside the process of a top-notch company.

We already know it’s great to watch fellow dancers in rehearsal because you can learn so much about your own work ethic and style, just by noticing how others approach movement and pick up corrections. Watching this rehearsal stream really drives that home. It’s also easy to relate to how, in rehearsal, the simplest things can become the most difficult. The Boyz can’t seem to make a straight line. They’re struggling over what’s probably the easiest part of the choreography, and it’s comforting to know that even the best of the best sometimes just…can’t.

The website promises to share the full rehearsal this evening, but for now you can see part of the process below.