Behold the World's Largest Treadmill Dance

January 8, 2015

Ah, the treadmill. Once simply a torture device disguised as an exercise machine, it was transformed, via that amazing OK Go video, into one of the world’s greatest choreographic aids. Dancing on a moving ramp! It’s actually genius.


And now the treadmill companies themselves are catching on to their product’s dance-y appeal. In honor of all the workout-related resolutions we tend to make in January, NordicTrack just released this crazy treadmill dance video. They claim it’s the “world’s largest”—and with 40 treadmills involved, they’re probably right.

I mean…that is a lot of treadmills.

Here’s one thing that’s definitely true: It’s good, happy, silly fun. And if you happen to try to re-enact any part of it on your local gym’s treadmills, well, far be it from us to judge. (Although we’d suggest avoiding the rollerblading-on-a-moving-ramp stuff.)

Happy Friday, everyone.