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OK Go's Zero-Gravity Vid is (Literally) Out of This World

When a new OK Go music video drops, you know it’s bound to be a crazy, ambitious good time. I mean, people are still talking about their 2006 vid for their single, “Here It Goes Again.” Well, it’s safe to say they’ve outdone themselves with their latest creation, a zero-gravity video the track, “Upside Down […]

Behold the World's Largest Treadmill Dance

Ah, the treadmill. Once simply a torture device disguised as an exercise machine, it was transformed, via that amazing OK Go video, into one of the world’s greatest choreographic aids. Dancing on a moving ramp! It’s actually genius. NEVER FORGET. And now the treadmill companies themselves are catching on to their product’s dance-y appeal. In […]

The Latest Dance-y OK Go Video Is Totally Unbelievable

Treadmills are sooooo 2006. These days, the ever-delightful band OK Go is into motorized unicycles—and, uh, umbrellas. Lots and lots of umbrellas. The group recently released the music video for their new single, “I Won’t Let You Down,” and it combines those two unlikely elements in a brilliantly choreographed routine for hundreds of dancers. And […]