Our Favorite Dance Instagrams of January

January 30, 2018

It’s time to celebrate, people. You know why? Because January is fi-na-lly over. Seriously, hasn’t this month felt like a 74-day marathon? (Short answer: yes, it has.) But the one silver lining of a super-long month means our Instagram feeds were gifted with some incredible posts these last 31 days. We’ve rounded up our favorites below!

1. Easton Payne (@eastonblake)

We profiled Easton a few months back in our “You Should Know” section—and you’re about to see why. He’s working with Project 21 this season, and the combos coming out of his classes are so, so beyond. Below is a particularly perfect example, featuring Mackenzie Auger and Nina Choi dancing to Billy Joel’s “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” (A++ song choice, btw).

2. Lauren Lovette (@laurenlovette)

Lauren Lovette’s Instagram is an absolute gem. Every post is accompanied by a caption filled with wisdom, motivational messages, and sincerity. Recently, she and fellow NYCB dancers collaborated with Puma for their “Do You” campaign. Lovette, along with Olivia Boisson, Savannah Lowery, Mimi Staker, Emilie Gerrity, and Unity Phelan, choreographed a small piece in roughly 30 minutes, which they then performed (and posted on Insta for us to admire).

3. Lucy Vallely (@lucy_vallely)

Lucy Vallely epitomizes California cool-girl, and we’re so here for it. Her Insta feed is a perfect mix of vintage clothing, improv sessions, collaborations with her many dance friends, and clips from class combos at conventions, like the post below. She and fellow contemporary star Timmy Blankenship assisted Will Loftis during NUVO, and this. combo. is. everything.

4. Jade Chynoweth + Josh Killacky (@jadebug98 and @josh_killacky)

Literally try to name a more iconic duo. Jade Chynoweth, who’s Instagram royalty in her own right, danced with fellow commercial world mainstay Josh Killacky, to Killacky’s choreo. The song choice? Jaden Smith’s “Icon,” which could not be more fitting. We’ve watched this maybe 100 times, and will definitely watch it 100 more.

5. Alex Wong (@alexdwong)

It’s safe to say that there is no one better at trolling than Alex Wong. His #AlexWongChallenge videos are works of art (that might even be an understatement). Need proof? Check out his latest dispatch from a mall in Malaysia.