What Are the Best Movie Musicals of All Time?

December 11, 2014

During the holidays, when relatives of all ages are gathered in front of the same TV, one of the safest bets for channel surfers is a classic movie musical—which probably explains why they’re on air about every five minutes these days. And I’m definitely not complaining. White Christmas! Singin’ in the Rain! The Wizard of Oz! My Fair Lady! Bring it on, Aunt Gertrude: I can handle any kind of family drama if I have the likes of Gene Kelly and Judy Garland to help me through it.

The cute website Culturalist, which lets users create their own artsy, gif-ified top 10 lists, recently put together (with an assist from Broadway.com) a group of 25 movie musicals for fans of the form to rank. A lot of old standbys are included, naturally, but there are also a few wild cards. (Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? Hmm.) Which are your favorites? Click here to choose your own top 10—and to see how it stacks up against other users’ lists.

Here’s my personal top 10, which reveals that I have a bit of a Bob Fosse problem…and a serious Gene Kelly problem:

West Side Story






Singin’ in the Rain





The Sound of Music





An American in Paris




5. Cabaret





All That Jazz





The Wizard of Oz





8. My Fair Lady







The Band Wagon




On the Town