7 Beyoncé Dancers You Need to Follow Right This Minute

April 25, 2018

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that Queen Beyoncé completely dominated last year’s Coachella festival—so much so that it was rechristened, and will perhaps forever be known as, #Beychella. And if you’re like us, you couldn’t take your eyes off her army of gorgeous, talented backup dancers, who were sharp and stunning throughout the entire performance. They should all be stars in their own right—which is why we’re not surprised that, on Instagram, some of them are already celebrities. Here are 7 Beyoncé dancers you need to be following ASAP.

Ashley Everett (@ashleycmeverett)

Our friend
Ashley (left in the pic above) has been dancing alongside Beyoncé for a while, and currently acts as her dance captain. Her Insta feed is full of stunning choreography and killer fashion.

Brittany Parks (@bp_parks)

From La La Land to Shuffle Along on Broadway, the gorgeous Brittany Parks (second from left) has an incredibly diverse resumé—and an equally wide-ranging Insta presence.

Hannah Douglass (@hannahdlaine)

In addition to dancing with Queen Bey, Douglass (second from left in this image) has appeared in movies like La La Land and Footloose, and her Insta account has tons of fun behind-the-scenes pics.

Hajiba Fahmy (@hajibafahmy)

The fabulous Fahmy’s Instagram stories give next-level insider peeks at Beyoncéworld. Fahmy (top in this photo) is also just all-around chic: She’s a Parisian who’s appeared on the French version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Jasmine Harper (@dance10jasmineh)

OK, yes: We know you’re probably already following Jasmine Harper after falling for her during Season 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance.” But we still had to give her a shoutout, because we’re always so happy to see her killing it onstage next to Beyoncé.

Dnay B (@dnaybisme)

Dnay is straight dynamite (just look at her giving FACE in that photo!): In addition to working with Beyoncé, she’s danced alongside Tinashe, JLo, Ashanti, and Ivy Park. She’s also not averse to posting the occasional karaoke video, making her Insta especially entertaining

Kimmie Gee (@kimmigeedotcom)

Gee (at right above) has got all the sass, all the style, and all the unapologetic confidence. She’s a huge supporter of empowering girls through dance, which means her Insta is full of inspiring posts.