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7 Beyoncé Dancers You Need to Follow Right This Minute

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that Queen Beyoncé completely dominated last year’s Coachella festival—so much so that it was rechristened, and will perhaps forever be known as, #Beychella. And if you’re like us, you couldn’t take your eyes off her army of gorgeous, talented backup dancers, who were sharp and stunning throughout […]

Everything You Need to Know About #Beychella

Beyoncé became the first black woman to headline at Coachella this weekend, and people are (justifiably) freaking out over her performance. ICYMI, you can catch the entire performance here. But be warned, you’ll never be the same. 👑🐝 Here’s our list of highlights. 1. The dancing was insane. Not only was Beyoncé on point for […]

Sia and a Maddie Ziegler Lookalike Won Coachella

Updated! Maddie Ziegler doppelganger Stephanie Mincone gave such a fantastic performance, we actually mistook her for Maddie. Sorry for the confusion! The internet is abuzz today with all things Coachella. But no one (seriously, NO ONE) can stop raving about the epic Sia performance. Screenshot via Consequence of Sound And the hype is true: Sia—onstage […]