Bollywood Dreamin'

November 30, 2009

Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan quickly became a fan favorite on “Dancing with the Stars”—and now she’s back in front of the camera to help you get into Bollywood babe-worthy shape! Inspired by filming Cheetah Girls: One World in India, Sabrina teamed up with the movie’s choreographers, Fatima Robinson and Rujuta “Ruj” Vaidya, to bring Bollywood basics to the masses. “BYou2,” the team’s dance exercise DVD, features a Bollywood-meets-Hollywood theme, with both hip-hop and Indian-inspired routines demonstrated by Sabrina herself.



“The DVD is very conscious that we all have different shapes and sizes and that we are all beautiful people,” Fatima says of the program’s girl empowerment message. Sabrina adds, “It’s about glorifying the body you have and getting tools to get in shape, rather than losing weight.” But don’t worry: Bollywood grooving will have you breaking a sweat! “Your whole body is engaged,” Sabrina says. “That’s where the great workout comes in. And the movement is authentic, which is something dancers will be able to appreciate.” —Jen Jones



To watch a sneak peek of “BYou2,” go to!



Photo by Lisa Rose