Breakaway and See Breakout!

October 7, 2008

On a recent Saturday in NYC, my mom had the perfect excuse for a girls’ day on the town—matinee tickets to Break Out! It’s a Korean dance comedy, featuring B-boys and girls, about a group of inmates who briefly break out of jail to enjoy a fleeting moment of freedom. My mom, her friend and her daughter Lindsay took the train in and met me at the Union Square Theatre. I’d never been to a show there before—the stage was small, but it made for an intimate setting. Plus we had front row-seats! Apparently Lindsay’s seat was the prime target for involvement in the shenanigans: During a scene where the prisoners escaped, a bright searchlight circled the theater and landed right on her! The cast screamed in fear until one member looked closer and announced with relief, “Oh…just a frog,” which prompted his fellow jailbirds to bust out laughing and pointing at her!


The storyline was super cheesy, but who doesn’t love a little cheese every now and then? There were definitely more comedic elements than actual dancing, but it was clear the cast could break it down. One of the highlights for me was the incredible beat-boxing abilities of two of the cast members—the best I’ve ever heard! It’s worth checking out if you’re in the mood to sit back and be entertained (and possibly made fun of!)


The show runs until the end of November, so head over to and check it out!