Literally Every One of Your Favorite Dancers Is in This Brian Friedman Class Vid

November 13, 2017

What happens when legend Brian Friedman teaches at WilldaBeast and Janelle Ginestra‘s fabulous IMMA SPACE? A merging of the B Free and ImmaBEAST tribes that includes a mind-boggling number of A-list Hollywood dancers. Ryan Parma was there to capture the whole thing on film, and the result is basically the class video to end all class videos.

So, who do we see nailing Friedman’s devastatingly fierce routine to Haiku Hands’ “Not About You” in 10—ten!—different groups? Here’s a very partial list (it’s not even a third of the dancers involved):

Jade Chynoweth

Zack Venegas

Sean Lew

Richard “Swagg” Curtis

Tate McRae

Kaycee Rice

Bailey Sok

Trinity Inay

Kerrynton Jones

Josh Price

Tahani Anderson

Queen Brian Friedman himself

Naturally, they all came to slay. But we have to give a special shoutout to Venegas, who is both dance and hair #goals throughout.

Watch the whole thing: