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Two Dancers' Inspiring "Femme Rebellion" Project

The dance world gives us life—but it can also be a very dark place. Experiencing cattiness, body shaming and bullying is all too real for many dancers. That’s why Amy Magsam and Trinity Inay partnered up to create “Femme Rebellion,” a movement meant “to motivate young dancers to embrace their strengths and not let stereotypes keep […]

Monster High Gets the Dance Treatment in "City Ghouls"

I can’t get enough of Janelle Ginestra‘s high-octane, take-no-prisoners choreo. I really can’t get enough of Ginestra’s #squad of fabulous hip-hop littles. (Oh hi, Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson.) And I REALLY can’t get enough of Ginestra’s squad doing Ginestra’s choreo. (“Run the World“? “IDFWU“? Pretty much everything Fraternal Twins-related? YUP.) So a new video […]