Two Dancers' Inspiring "Femme Rebellion" Project

February 19, 2016

The dance world gives us life—but it can also be a very dark place. Experiencing cattiness, body shaming and bullying is all too real for many dancers. That’s why Amy Magsam and Trinity Inay partnered up to create “Femme Rebellion,” a movement meant “to motivate young dancers to embrace their strengths and not let stereotypes keep them from striving to be their best.”

True #HairGoals (via YouTube)

The girls want to “inspire and encourage dancers in all genres and walks of life to embrace their unique qualities to empower their journeys, breaking any and all stereotypes.” Both dancers have some pretty impressive accolades to their names (including tons of competition titles, earning spots with #immaBEAST and Suga N Spice crews and booking a Janet Jackson gig #NBD). To help spread the word, Amy and Trinity starred in an amazing vid that serves as reason #175,849 that girls obviously run the world. Check out the video below!

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