“SYTYCD” Week 6 Recap: Broadway and a Budding Showmance

April 23, 2024

We’ve been totally WOWED by this new season of “So You Think You Can Dance.” After all, we’ve seen new judges, new dancers, and a whole new structure for the show, complete with new challenges every single week. And did we mention the contestants’ new on-camera living arrangements?

This week, we saw the top 8 take on a Broadway-themed challenge, with the help of some of our fave musical theater choreographers. As a bonus, we even got some hints of a showmance in the making.

In case you missed last night’s episode, we’ve rounded up all of the best dancing—and drama—for you here. Break a leg!

Our top 8 dancers spent the week working with iconic Broadway choreographers Al Blackstone and Sarah O’Gleby on their musical theater performances. Unlike last week, they didn’t get any chances for reshoots or redos. We’re doing it live, folks!

The dancers were split into two groups to get started. The first group, working with Al, was made up of Anthony Curley, Dakayla Wilson, Jaylin Sanders, and Madison Rouge Alvarado. The second, working with Sarah, featured Braylon Browner, Easton Magliarditi, Mariyah Hawkins, and Roman Nevinchanyi—the last of whom admitted he had never seen a Broadway show before.

But Roman (and the other dancers) had to catch on quickly, because the choreographers weren’t holding anything back. Sarah started her group on a Cabaret-inspired number, while Al took his group through a routine reminiscent of On the Town. Both choreographers emphasized that while the dancers were performing in group routines, it was important for them to be individual and stand out.

After learning a chunk of choreo, the dancers took a quick break—and fanned some showmance flames. Back at the house, Dakayla admitted to the other girls that she had a “baby” crush on one of her group members: Anthony. Cue the squeals.

The next day, the dancers transitioned from the studio to the stage, and a few of them struggled. Roman cited mental and physical challenges with the Broadway routine, but he drew inspiration from his fellow Ukrainians to push through. “People in Ukraine motivate me so much. They don’t give up,” said Roman. “I want to make my country proud.”

With rehearsals wrapping up, it was time for the dancers to perform. Al’s team stepped up first. The judges seemed to enjoy it but voiced concerns that the dancers weren’t emotionally connected enough—and that, at times, they got a little too goofy.

Next up was Sarah’s group. Aside from concerns about a timing issue that led to a literal run-in between Braylon and Mariyah, the judges loved the performance, giving it a standing ovation. Easton even got a shout-out from judge JoJo Siwa for dancing so hard he caused a wardrobe malfunction. “I have a little saying,” said JoJo. “You are not going full-out enough until you split your pants.”

After that, it was time for results. The judges picked the four dancers who were voted safe, leaving the other four in jeopardy. At risk for elimination? Anthony, Dakayla, Roman, and Braylon. Like last week, each dancer had the chance to perform a solo in the hopes of proving that they deserved to stay in the competition.

The judges seemed impressed by several of the solos, though Anthony’s was the only one to receive a standing ovation. And in the end, he and (potential showmance partner) Dakayla made it through to the next round. Unfortunately, that meant Braylon and Roman were headed home.

With that, our top 8 became our top 6—and we made it one week closer to finding out who will be America’s Favorite Dancer.