Broadway Bloopers!

September 19, 2010

Ever had an embarrassing onstage dance moment? You’re not alone! Broadway’s brightest stars have slip-ups too. Check ’em out:


Kearran Giovanni

“During the Havana scene, my shoe got stuck in the track (a groove in the stage that the scenery rides on), and the front part of my foot popped out. I ran offstage to fix it, leaving my dance partners onstage to improvise,” Kearran says. “I made it back in time to do my big kick, but later found out that DS Editor-in-Chief Kate Lydon and choreographer Kathleen Marshall were in the audience!”

Nick Adams

“In The Pirate Queen, we had to drop down on ropes from the catwalk (the bridge above the stage where the lights are),” Nick says. “My harness got stuck, and there was no way to untangle the rope. So I’m hanging there during the middle of the performance! They had to stop the show for 10 minutes and come get me.”

Ioana Alfonso

 “My shoulders pop in and out of joint really easily,” Ioana says. “During a performance of Wicked, one of my shoulders dislocated so badly that I couldn’t put it back in myself. I had to run offstage with my arm over my head!”

Jackie Burns

“One day my castmate’s necklace broke and the beads were all over the stage,” Jackie says. “I jumped up, landed on a bead and bit the dust! I was in the front, too!”

Alessa Neeck

Alessa is a self-proclaimed klutz. “On opening night, I tried to do a shoulder-sit lift with my partner, and we ended up on the ground. We grabbed each other’s hands, ran around the stage and tried to laugh it off.”

Noah Rivera

During Shrek previews, the Peter Pan costume was not ready yet, so the actor was wearing a wizard costume, complete with a long, white beard. “Peter Pan is supposed to say, ‘I won’t grow up!’ but instead of the line coming from a young boy, it came from an old wizard!” Noah says. The actors had to suppress their giggles.

Savannah Wise

“During previews for Rock of Ages, I was always running onstage while still putting my clothes on or with my shoes unzipped,” Savannah says. “The other day, one of my garters fell off and managed to hook itself onto the thigh high on my other leg. I was dancing with this huge piece of elastic between my legs. I had to keep dancing bigger in order to shake it off!”