Calling All Gamer Girls

July 6, 2009

If you’ve mastered
Dance Dance Revolution, here’s a new challenge: Ener-G Dance Squad. This interactive Nintendo DS game puts you in the role of choreographer, so start perfecting your eight-counts now!


The challenge is to create—and master—your own complicated routine as you face off against 12 other computerized dancers (watch out, they’re good).


There are plenty of genres for players to choose from, including R&B, disco, funk, pop, rock, classic and tribal. You’re not a well-rounded dancer until you’ve mastered them all.


Our favorite part: You get to dress your dancers with adorable, custom outfits and accessories! Get outfitted, start choreographing and good luck.


Ener-G Dance Squad is available from Ubisoft—and it’s less than $30!  —Alison