"Riverdale"'s Camila Mendes Is Our New Dance Crush

August 21, 2018

Sure, we’ve known for a bit now that Camila Mendes—aka Veronica Lodge on “Riverdale”—has some moves. (Exhibit A being, of course, the kind of epic Veronica/Cheryl dance battle that happened on the show last year.) But this month, Mendes has been taking her dancing up a notch in not one but two music videos that y’all need to watch right now.

First, the 24-year-old starlet appeared as a backup dancer in her friend Maggie Rogers‘ “Give a Little” vid, choreographed by Ashley Robicheaux. Rogers and Mendes actually went to New York University together, and according to Rogers, the video was inspired by “when we used to go dancing in college,” which, awwwww! (Mendes’ cameo starts about 1 minute in.)

Then there’s Mendes’ star turn in The Chainsmokers’ new video for “Side Effects,” where she plays a disgruntled hotel employee who decides to blow off some steam by throwing a solo dance party. The choreography (by Juri Onuki) may be relatively simple, but Mendes’ commitment is 💯. And honestly, we’d expect nothing less from Veronica.