Join the Campaign to Get Mandy Moore an Honorary Oscar for La La Land

January 24, 2017

Hearing all the Oscar nominations announced yesterday may have reminded you that there is not, tragically, an Academy Award for Best Choreography. But that doesn’t mean that choreographers have never been recognized at the Oscars. Gene Kelly, Jerome Robbins and Onna White all received honorary awards for their contributions to the world of dance. And that’s why Liz Imperio has started a campaign to get La La Land choreographer and all-around rockstar Mandy Moore up on the Oscars stage.

It makes a whole boatload of sense. La La Land received no fewer than 14—FOURTEEN—Oscar noms; it’s a clear frontrunner for Best Picture. And so, so much of the film’s appeal comes from Moore’s extraordinary work. It’s a movie rooted in dance, much the way West Side Story and An American in Paris—the films that prompted (respectively) Robbins’ and Kelly’s awards—were. Ignoring Moore’s contribution to La La Land is just irresponsible.

So, what can we actually do to get Moore the recognition she deserves? On her Facebook page, Imperio has suggested a small but effective first step: Come up with a catchy hashtag for a social media campaign. (#GimmeMoore and #ChoreOscar are our current favorites.) She’s also put out a call for graphic designers willing to design digital flyers for the cause, so if you or someone you know fit that bill, give her a shout.

Imperio will be posting more suggestions in the coming days. Take a look at her call-to-action video below—and start spreading the word!

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