Campus Confidential: A Day In The Life Of A Dance Major

March 31, 2011

A lot of people outside the dance world will say, “Dance is an easy major.” These people have no idea what they’re talking about. Being a dance major is anything but easy. We juggle academic and dance classes, rehearsals and workouts (staying in shape isn’t optional when you’re always in a leotard). Plus, some of us even have jobs! It can be a lot to handle, but it’s worth it because you get to spend so much time doing what you love.

I completed the requirements for my journalism minor last semester, so now I’m free to spend my final semester of college free of academic classes and focused primarily on dance. With graduation around the corner, my schedule is especially busy these days. But, I enjoy always having something to do, some place to be, or someone to be with. Curious about what your own schedule might look like if you decide to major in dance? Here’s a rundown of my typical day:


7:30 am:
Wake up, get dressed, and pack my bag with all of the clothing, shoes, books and other supplies that I’ll need throughout the day

8:00 am:
Ab/core workout in my bedroom

8:30 am:
Grab a quick breakfast and drive to school

9:00 am:
Ballet class

10:30 am:
Modern class

Independent study movement workshop (A professor sets choreography on me and a few of my classmates as part of our senior project.)

1:00 pm:
Lunch time

2:00 pm:
Improvisational class

3:30 pm:
Work (I spend 5-7 hours a week working in an on-campus office.)

5:00 pm:
Cardio and strength training at the school gym

6:00 pm:
Dinner with some of my dance friends

7:00 pm:
Dance rehearsal with a student choreographer for an upcoming showcase

9:00 pm:
Head home to shower, stretch, and ice my muscles

11:00 pm:
Bed time