Chris Evans, aka Captain America, Secretly Loves to Tap Dance

March 22, 2018

So WHY isn’t there more video evidence of this hidden talent?

Chris Evans, the Hollywood star possibly best known as Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), told The New York Times yesterday that he’s really, really into tap. So into it, in fact, that he’s making time to take private lessons twice a week right now—even though he’s super-busy at the moment, what with starring in a Broadway play and all. (Tragically, his role in Lobby Hero does not require any hoofing. Super-sad.)

In addition to tapping himself, it sounds like Evans has a deep, longtime affection for the tap community. As Reggie Ugwu wrote in the Times, “Chris Evans has a theory about tap dancing. ‘Tap is waiting to have its day,’ he said one recent afternoon, sitting in a TriBeCa hotel clubhouse around the corner from an apartment he’s been renting since last month. Mr. Evans … tapped as a child and still has sincere reverence for the form. His theory is that tap dancing today, like competitive hip-hop dancing in the early 2000s, is generally undervalued and ripe for a comeback. ‘If you walk down the street and you see someone tapping,’ you stop in your tracks, he said, using an unprintable word, ‘because it’s awesome.’ ”

We couldn’t agree more, Steve—um, we mean, Chris. Tragically there’s very little video proof of Evans’ dancing out there on the Interwebs, except for this genius compilation featuring lots of reporters asking Evans about this particular hidden talent. (Fast-forward to 1:43 for a verrrrrrrrrrry brief soft-shoe.) Come on man, give us what we want—the first-ever openly tap-dancing superhero!