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Chris Evans, aka Captain America, Secretly Loves to Tap Dance

So WHY isn’t there more video evidence of this hidden talent? Chris Evans, the Hollywood star possibly best known as Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), told The New York Times yesterday that he’s really, really into tap. So into it, in fact, that he’s making time to take private lessons twice a week right now—even […]


Here at DS, we’re all about sibling success: the DelGrosso sisters, the Fairchilds, Les Twins, the Cirios…the list goes on. (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images) But today, we want to talk about the über talented, extraordinarily well-rounded Hough siblings. Together, Derek and Julianne have seven mirror ball trophies, an Emmy and featured roles in the movies […]

The Leg-Hold Turn

Prepare in a wide fourth-position plié.   Battement your leg forward toward your face—keeping it perfectly straight, with your foot pointed—and grab your ankle and lower calf with both hands as you begin your inside turn in forced arch. Zoey says: “Really hold your core as you pull your leg toward you and push into […]

Big Fish in a Little Pond

Emily Mistretta in The Nutcracker (Gene Schiavone) If you’re a talented small-town ballet student, you’ve probably wondered: Should I leave my local studio to study at a top-notch school? At the bigger institution, you’d have more intense training, which would help when it came time to audition for companies. But if you left you’d miss […]