Carnival Submission Mistakes

April 10, 2013

There’s nothing quite like the energy of a Choreographer’s Carnival show. (Photo by Brian Thompson)

In our May/June issue, now in subscribers’ hands, we highlight the seven things you should know about Choreographer’s Carnival, the crazy popular series of monthly industry showcases currently in L.A., NYC, Chicago and Sydney, Australia.

Only the best choreographers get their work on that oh-so-important Carnival stage. So how can you earn a spot? According to Carey Ysais, Carnival executive producer and director, who sorts through every video submitted and handpicks choreographers for each show, there are four main DON’Ts to avoid.

DON’T submit a solo.
“We need to be sure that it’s choreography and not just something you’re doing on the spot.”

DON’T film yourself teaching a class.
“Your work should be geared for the professional industry, which is a different world than class choreography.”

DON’T use mediocre dancers.
“Even with your best choreography, if the dancers aren’t good, the video’s not going to look good.”

DON’T give up after one try.
“We give feedback to almost every choreographer who submits a video, even if they don’t get in. Usually, when we get a second video, they’ve listened to our advice, and their chances get a lot better.”

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