Cats Is Returning to Broadway—with New Choreo

January 24, 2016

It’s been 16 years since a Jellicle cat graced the Great White Way. 16 years without Mr. Mistoffelees and Grizabella and Macavity and Old Deuteronomy and the Rum Tum Tugger. 16 years since anyone’s ascended to the Heaviside Layer. 16. Years.

But a new day has begun for Cats: Andrew Lloyd Webber is bringing the insanely popular, purrrrfectly dance-y musical back to Broadway this summer. Fresh from its 2014 West End revival, the show will begin performances at the Neil Simon Theatre on July 14 and officially open August 2. And given that the original Bway run lasted from 1982 to 2000, it seems like a solid bet that this one’ll be around for quite a bit.

The West End company of Cats (via)

Especially since this Cats is new and improved. While the West End revival featured musical updates (including, uh, a rapping Rum Tum Tugger), Broadway’s shined-up version will boast retooled choreography by none other than Andy Blankenbuehler. (Since, you know, his whole Hamilton thing worked out pretty well.) Excited to see Blankenbuehler, who’s so good at capturing the overall flavor of a musical in his choreo, get in touch with his feline side.

Apparently Lloyd Webber is also hoping that Nicole Scherzinger, who played fading glamourpuss Grizabella in the West End show, will reprise the role on Broadway. In case you’re wondering what that looks/sounds like:

While you’re waiting for July to roll around, we strongly encourage you to take this “What Kind of Cat Are You?” quiz. And to watch the 1998 film version of Cats repeatedly, as if you haven’t been doing that all along.

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