Ciara Brought in ReQuest Dance Crew for Her "Level Up" Video, and YOU GUYS JUST WATCH IT

July 17, 2018

We’ve always been impressed by Ciara’s very legit dance skills. But for “Level Up,” the first single she’s released since 2015, the star decided to create a dance vid that is actually on another level.

How’d she do it? By recruiting choreographer extraordinaire Parris Goebel and her epic ReQuest Dance Crew. We knew “Level Up” was a banger from the second we first heard it, but by their powers combined, Ciara, Goebel, and the ReQuest dancers make it into an absolutely irresistible dance jam.

There’s nothing super-complicated about the video. It’s just fabulous dancers doing fabulous choreo in some highly covetable sweats. Ciara and Parri$ are wise enough to know that that’s all we need.

Oh, this vid is so yummy. Yummy all in your tummy