10 Struggles All Competition Dancers Can Relate To

March 21, 2018

Dance competitions are where great memories are made. But—between the traveling, the challenging routines, and the bazillion costume changes—they’re also the source of many, many #struggles. If you’re a comp kid, you’ll 100 percent be able to relate to these 10 problems.

Remembering All That Choreography

When you’re in the contemporary, tap, and hip-hop group numbers, plus two duets and your solo, just getting all the steps to stay in your head can feel next to impossible.

Finding Literally Any Time for Homework

With your crazy comp schedule, trying to squeeze in schoolwork can be, um, challenging.

Keeping Track of Your Bazillion Costumes

TFW you swear you packed all 10 of your costumes, but it’s competition day and oh dear lord, where is your solo dress??

Being Covered in Glitter Basically Forever

Glittery costumes. Glittery makeup. Glittery hairspray. SO. MUCH. GLITTER.

Not Being Able to Master Your Group Routine’s Super-Complicated Hairstyle

I’m sorry—it’s three French braids that are French-braided together into a crown braid? HALP.

Dealing with Awkward Friendship Rivalries

You love all your dance friends. You just don’t want them to place higher than you. (JK, you know how to lose gracefully!)

Coming THIIIIIS CLOSE to Winning

Speaking of losing gracefully: Everyone on your team nailed their quadruple pirouettes and slayed their tilts—but you didn’t clinch the title. Back to the rehearsal studio…

Handling 1,000 Quick Changes

Because having more than two minutes to change between pieces is a SERIOUS LUXURY.

Getting the Giggles During a Really Dramatic Piece

Yes, the dance is about a couple’s terrible, gut-wrenching breakup—but your zipper just caught on your partner’s shirt, and you’re having a hard time keeping it together.

Going Back to School on Monday

Because despite the #strugz, comp weekends are the best, and we don’t ever want them to end.