Here's When Dance Competitions Are Planning to Return to the (IRL) Stage

July 7, 2020

As we step into month five of #SocialDisDancing, Nationals season is upon us—though it’s looking very different this year. What hasn’t changed? Your indomitable team spirit and commitment to your craft, whether that means shining onstage or rocking it in your living room.

As promised in our Summer 2020 issue, here’s a roundup of competitions that have rescheduled 2020 events due to pandemic-related concerns. We’ll continue to update this list throughout the summer as conditions evolve. Many competitions are returning to live events with a myriad of new health and safety guidelines in place; make sure to read each competition’s policy thoroughly to determine if you’ll be comfortable returning to the stage.

Artistic Dance Exchange

ADE has consolidated their 2020 National competition and convention
into one event in Orlando, FL, July 23–26. They will also be kicking off their 2020–2021 tour early, starting in Jacksonville, FL, October 2–4.

Artists Simply Human

ASH will be holding all its remaining 2020 events virtually, and plans to kick off its next season in Orlando, FL, October 23–25.

Backstage Competition

Backstage has added a short extension to its 2020 Season, starting back up August 14–16 in Millstone, NJ, then making other stops in NJ and NY in October and November.


Bravo has tentatively rescheduled some of its postponed regional dates over July and August.

Break The Floor

Break The Floor’s Summer Jam
, a workshop and competition experience, will tour cities across the U.S. and Canada this July and August.

Celebration Talent

Celebration Talent will hit the road in August on its “2020 Remix Tour,” with several rescheduled regional competitions.

Fusion National Dance Challenge

Fusion has added new 2020 tour dates,
starting July 17–19 in Miami, FL, and continuing every weekend in August.

Groove Dance Competition

Groove has extended its 2020 season through September, while also continuing to host virtual competitions. The next live competition is August 7–9 in Millstone, NJ.

Hollywood Vibe

New 2020 tour dates
have been added, starting in Scottsdale, AZ October 2–4, and continuing through the end of 2020.

Kids Artistic Revue

After finishing up their virtual 2020 Nationals events, KAR has added additional 2020 regional dates, starting July 17 in Omaha, NE, and continuing throughout August and September.

Leap Competition

Leap has rescheduled a few cities from their 2020 season throughout July, including Kansas City, KC, Tampa, FL, and Indianapolis, IN.

New York City Dance Alliance

NYCDA has opted for an entirely virtual summer. The next scheduled live event is October 30 in Mobile, AL. NYCDA plans on continuing to hold live events throughout November and December into the regularly scheduled 2021 season.


Starpower is holding several “National Remix” events throughout July, and a number of postponed dates have been rescheduled as “Take Two” events, starting with Denver, CO, July 24–26.


While its Northeast and West Coast Finals have been cancelled, Showstopper’s Northern, Southern, and Gulf Coast Nationals are still scheduled. Showstopper also will be holding East and West Coast dance championships over Labor Day, as well as several rescheduled regional competitions starting in July and running until early October.