Corbin Who?

February 3, 2009

Jaimie Goodwin, a contestant of the 2007 edition of So You Think You Can Dance, found herself in an odd position when she first arrived in Utah for her job as a principal dancer. She’s not a TV watcher and hadn’t had much time to check out movies, so she didn’t know who any of her high-profile cast mates were. (Actually, she had seen Hairspray and knew of Zac Efron, but he was filming another project in Europe and wasn’t yet in Utah.)


“I didn’t know who was who, I didn’t know which characters they played,” she says. “It was actually kind of embarrassing because I knew I was supposed to be informed a little better than that.”


Jaimie’s friends back home were especially excited that she was going to get to know Corbin Bleu. “Oh my God! Corbin is so hot!” they told her. “Can you get his number?”


But Jaimie was unfazed when she met him. “I wasn’t really familiar with what he had done,” she said. But Corbin was familiar with her — he immediately knew Jaimie from SYTYCD. Now she felt really bad! “I felt like I was not giving him enough respect or something,” she says.


Jaimie made it a point to watch HSM and get familiar with Corbin and the rest of the star cast. She also became fast friends with Corbin, going to dinner with him and Monique Coleman.


“It was weird, because I actually became really, really, really close with Corbin,” she says. “We grew a lot from me not knowing who he was to respecting everything he’s ever done.”