Couch Dancing Is PRETTYMUCH A Thing Now, Thanks to Ian Eastwood

August 4, 2018

We spent all weekend watching this video and have zero intention of stopping now.

Y’all know we’re prettymuch obsessed with the boy-band phenom called—you guessed it!—PRETTYMUCH.

Well, the stakes just went up because: Ian Eastwood. Dancer/choreographer/boy wonder Eastwood choreographed the dancing boy band’s appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” last week and guys: It’s everything. It’s perfect. The fantastic fivesome are dancing on a couch and we’re SO INTO IT.

It definitely doesn’t hurt that the uber-catchy new single that they’re singing, called “Summer On You,” is in clear and present danger of becoming the song of your summer. But the boys’ golden harmonies aren’t even the best part. What is the best part? Eastwood’s throwbacky, perfectly synchronized choreography, obvi!

Watch the full performance below and get ready to spend your summer on PRETTYMUCH x Ian Eastwood!