Nine Creative Ways to Celebrate National Dance Day

September 19, 2019

ICYMI: National Dance Day is tomorrow, September 21! We’re sure you already know all about the official NDD challenge and the big events happening in L.A. and Washington DC. But there are plenty of outside-the-box celebration options, too. Here are nine bonus dance-filled ways to get festive tomorrow.

1. Teach your family the National Dance Day choreo.

It’s one thing for you and your best dance friends to learn the NDD routine. But if you can get your parents, siblings, or even your dog dancing alongside you, you are officially #famgoals.

2. Post that craz-mazing Insta you’ve been saving for the perfect moment.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to post your insane tilt pic from Nationals or your fave arabesque shot from the studio, this is your chance. Pick a filter, craft your caption, and make sure to #NationalDanceDay so everyone knows you’re celebrating.

3. Reach out to your dance idols on social media.

We know how much you love icons like Travis Wall, Misty Copeland, and Robbie Fairchild. But do they? NDD is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your dance role models and tell them how much they inspire you.

4. Try a new dancy workout class.

Sure, you might spend all day every day at the barre, but have you tried Pure Barre yet? And while you might be a total rockstar in your jazz class, have you ever actually been to a Jazzercise class? There are tons of fun cardio dance workout classes out there, and NDD might just be the perfect day to step outside your comfort zone and go to one.

5. Plan a dance movie marathon with your besties.

Grab your popcorn, your friends, and your dancing shoes, because you certainly won’t be able to sit still while you binge-watch all your favorite dance flicks. And if you’re having any trouble making a list, we’ve got you covered.

6. Film that dance concept video you keep talking about.

Concept videos
are all the rage in the dance world today. If you have an amazing idea for one, grab your camera and get yourself into the studio! Bonus points if you film, edit, and post all on NDD.

7. Improv somewhere totally new.

If you really want to get your creative juices flowing, try dancing somewhere a little different. Sauté in the street, strut down the sidewalk, or leap through the aisles of the supermarket.

8. Give a dance challenge your best shot.

In honor of National Dance Day, let your competitive side run free and try out one of the new dance challenges taking over the Internet—from the #InMyFeelingsChallenge to the #LizzoBalletChallenge to the #BottlecapChallenge.

9. Watch your old recital videos.

We’re about 100 percent sure that there is nothing more fun (in the best kind of cringe-y) than watching yourself in a throwback dance performance video. Track down some of your old DVDs and re-watch the recital where you completely wiped out in the middle of your tap number. (And make sure to let your mom watch with you, so she can tell you just how cute you were.)