Dance Camp Will Premiere on YouTube Red

February 5, 2016

Imagine a world without dance movies. It’s terrifying, right? Luckily, such a sad place will never exist, because not only do we have the High Strung premiere right around the corner, but now Dance Camp, a new movie in collaboration with Awesomeness Films, is slated to premiere on YouTube Red.

There aren’t tons of details yet, but what we do know is super exciting, to say the least. The stars include YouTuber Meg DeAngelis, Vine star Jake Paul and Nadji Jeter, who was in Grown Ups and The 5th Wave. According to People Magazine, “The film follows Hunter (Jeter), whose mother ships him off to dance camp because of his reckless behavior. While he doesn’t immediately take the camp seriously, Hunter soon finds himself teaming up with the fellow campers to take down a rival dance group – all while snagging a love interest (DeAngelis) in the process.” The promo clip features some amazing dancing by Jeter, only upping the excitement for this premiere. Check it out below:

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