8 Emotions We All Experience in Dance Class

January 14, 2020

No matter what style you’re training in, dance class can be intense, to put it mildly. We take what we’re doing super-seriously—which means we FEEL ALL THE FEELS in that studio. Here are eight emotions every dancer goes through during class.

Anxiety, When the Teacher Spends Fewer Than 10 Seconds Describing a Very Complicated Combo

Uh, wait—you said dégagés en croix, but they switch accents every time? Guess we’re about to find out!

Gratefulness, When They Leave Out the Abs Portion of the Warm-up


A Mix of Pride and Fear, When You’re Asked to Go First Across the Floor

You want me? I’m blushing! But also…are you sure?!

Pure Terror, When You’re Asked to Reverse the Combo

[Mind goes completely blank]

Triumph, When You Finally Nail That Skill You’ve Been Working on All Year

Took eight months but I GOT MY SWITCH LEAP!!!

Admiration, When Your Friend Is Killing the Combo

She’s so incredibly talented, and I KNOW HER.

Exhaustion, When It’s a Minute Before the End of Class and the Teacher Says “One More Time”

Not sure I’m gonna survive this.

Disappointment, When Class Is Over

We’re done already?!