What Your Dance Class Warmups Say About You

May 16, 2021

When you walk into a dance class for the first time, before you do a single plié or tendu, you’ve already made a first impression with what you’re wearing.

And odds are, you’re not coming to class in only your dancewear. What you layer on top of your class clothes can say a lot about you both as a dancer and a person. Here’s the definitive Dance Spirit roundup of what your fave warmups tell us about you.

A warmup jacket with your studio logo (and your name) embroidered on it

Comp team queen! You’ve got team spirit, yes you do. When you’re not rehearsing your solos, large groups, duos, and extended lines, you’re learning the latest TikTok dance challenge with your dance besties.

You work hard and you love to have fun, and you *might* have a slight iced coffee addiction. You’re a totally supportive team player, always ready to assist with a quick change or cheer loudly from the audience.

Soccer pants—you know the ones

Either you bought these pants a few years back when they were super trendy, or you’ve got some serious brand loyalty and match these with a shirt, socks and shoes all from the same brand.

You’re the soft-spoken dancer who wows during class—you let your movement do the talking. Your musicality is off the charts and you get called out by the teacher in contemporary and/or hip hop.

Legwarmers, a wrap skirt, booties, a sweater, a turtleneck, a headband…

Okay, bunhead: Are you going into a ballet class or a blizzard? Your style is the definition of maximalist, and there’s no such thing as clashing patterns in your book. You binge-watch World Ballet Day live streams like they’re the newest Netflix hit and would rather spend your Friday night at the theatre than a football game. Your “nondance” hobbies probably are also of an arty persuasion, like painting or creative writing.

A tee from a dance comp or convention

You impulse-bought this shirt on Sunday after a long weekend of dancing, and it was so overpriced that you want to get as much wear out of it as you can. You probably also wore it to school Monday morning, paired with a messy bun and some lingering eyelash glue.

You prefer practicality over fashion when picking out a ‘fit, but manage to strike that comfy/casual vibe effortlessly. The winterized version of this look is exactly the same, but with either a flannel tossed on top or a turtleneck underneath, if not both.

A non-dance graphic tee

You love to dance, but you have other interests, too. You probably have great taste in music and automatically get the AUX cord in any carpool situation. You’re inclined to push boundaries, whether you’re breaking dress code by wearing too much jewelry or holding on for that extra pirouette. You’re probably amazing at eyeliner and might also be into astrology and/or crystals.

Matching sweats set

You have your life together, or you at least want people to think you do. Your Insta feed has a coordinated color scheme, your tights are never ripped, and if you’re not in the studio rolling out your muscles 15 minutes before the teacher arrives, you feel like you’re late. Your friends know they can come to you for anything from a blister Band-Aid to serious life advice.