7 Reasons Dance Dads Are The Bomb Dot Com

September 27, 2018

Although dance moms get most of the attention, dance dads are true heroes. They may not always know our dance terminology, but they’re always ready to support us to the ends of the earth. Here are 7 reasons dance dads are the bomb dot com!

They Try To Learn About Dance Even When They’re Totally Lost

Most of the time, our dance dads have no idea what we’re talking about, but they always at least try to contribute to our dance conversations!

They Come To All Our Performances

Got a performance coming up? You can count on your dad being there and cheering you on, even if he starts clapping at the wrong time.

They’ll Always Dance With You

They may not like being on stage, but dance dads will always dance around the living room with you, making for the best memories ever.

They Try Their Best To Be Cool

Whenever you’ve got a problem you need to talk about, they try their best to be cool and to help you as much as possible.

They’ll Buy You The Best Costumes

Dance dads will always make sure you look your best before taking the stage.

They’ll Tell Everyone You’re The Best Dancer

Who needs a publicist when you have a dance dad to tell everyone how amazing you are?

A Dance Dad’s Love Is Endless

At the end of the day, dance dads love you more than anything and there’s no limit on what they’ll do to support you.