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7 Reasons Dance Dads Are The Bomb Dot Com

Although dance moms get most of the attention, dance dads are true heroes. They may not always know our dance terminology, but they’re always ready to support us to the ends of the earth. Here are 7 reasons dance dads are the bomb dot com! They Try To Learn About Dance Even When They’re Totally […]

Happy Father's Day to All the Dance Dads Out There

Dance dads are awesome for lots of reasons. They support our dreams no matter what, inspire us with their unique improv skills, prove that you really can’t be tutu committed to Parents’ Night at the dance studio, and have always been our first—and favorite!—dance partners. In tribute to the unofficial honor society that is Dance […]

A Letter From the Dance World's Dads

We’re the dance dads. And we’re here to help you in your pursuit of greatness. We’re happy to do it, for we—like so many other dance parents, and teachers, and choreographers, and extended family members—have found our purpose in helping you reach your dreams. We drive you to lessons until you can drive yourself. We […]