Happy Father's Day to All the Dance Dads Out There

June 16, 2018

Dance dads are awesome for lots of reasons. They support our dreams no matter what, inspire us with their unique improv skills, prove that you really can’t be tutu committed to Parents’ Night at the dance studio, and have always been our first—and favorite!—dance partners.

In tribute to the unofficial honor society that is Dance Dad-dom (nope, not sorry at all), Gaynor Minden has created an epic video montage featuring some especially, um, enthusiastic dads trying out ballet alongside their bunhead daughters. And the verdict is in: What these fantastic fathers may lack in pointed feet they more than make up for in coolness under pressure and big-heartedness. Bravi, dads!

Thank you to all of the Dance Dads and the father figures who’ve encouraged and supported our dancing dreams along the way. And yes, we agree to forget about that one time you did your very best to put our hair in a bun. 😂