Dance Spirit Is on TikTok! ✨

March 2, 2020

We’re heeeeere! Dance Spirit officially launched its TikTok account today, and we COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED about it.

First things first: Stop what you’re doing and give us a follow @dancespiritmagazine.

OK. Now that that’s done: What kind of goodness can you expect from us on TikTok? Dance goodness of the goodest kind, naturally.

Our first posts will feature the fabulous Taylor and Reese Hatala leading some “TikTok 101” tutorials. Over the course of the week, you can watch them break down (and then dominate) the choreo for three of the app’s biggest dance challenges: Holy Moly Donut Shop, Renegade, and The Box.

Going forward, look for more great challenge tutorials, behind-the-scenes clips from our shoots with dance celebrities, and other assorted delights of the TikTok variety.

In other words: WOAH.