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Win a Pair of Sneakers from United Nude

ICYMI, Dance Spirit cover stars Taja Riley and Lucy Vallely recently collaborated on the coolest, danciest campaign with United Nude to promote a whole new line of shoes. And now, DS is offering you the chance to win a pair of United Nude shoes, courtesy Taja and Lucy. All you have to do to enter? […]

This TikTok Balance Challenge is Perfect for Tight Spaces

It’s been months since many of us have had the luxury of leaping across a big studio with a grande allegro or traveling with a lovely waltz. However, this latest TikTok challenge lets you practice your balance with minimal space. This balance challenge set to a remix of Charlie Puth’s “Betty Boop” is ideal for […]

Check out TikTok’s Grooviest New Dance Challenge

Gimme gimme gimme more dancing on TikTok! NBA dancer Melissa Becraft has been choreographing up a storm on TikTok since quarantine started, and her grooviest combo yet has given us all a case of Saturday Night Fever. Check out her disco-inspired dance and watch some other talented dancers get in on the action. @melissabecraft Was […]

Recital Canceled? Jennifer Garner Wants to See Your Moves (And So Do We!)

With concerns around the coronavirus growing, many of the places dancers hold dearest, from theaters to studios, are shutting down. And it’s all happening just before what’s usually our favorite time of year: recital season. But if you’ve been prepping something *amazing* in the studio, don’t give up on performing it for an audience just […]

Dance Spirit Is on TikTok! ✨

We’re heeeeere! Dance Spirit officially launched its TikTok account today, and we COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED about it. First things first: Stop what you’re doing and give us a follow @dancespiritmagazine. OK. Now that that’s done: What kind of goodness can you expect from us on TikTok? Dance goodness of the goodest kind, naturally. […]

The Newest Viral Dance Challenge Is Brought to You by Justin Bieber

We’re less than two weeks into 2020, and already we’ve got an epic new viral dance challenge—courtesy our fave Justin Bieber, no less. This week, following the release of Justin’s new hit single “Yummy,” the the Internet has lost its mind for the #YummyDanceChallenge, with videos popping up on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s not […]

Here’s the Absolute Best of #TheGitUpChallenge

What has us feeling patriotic this Fourth of July week? #TheGitUpChallenge. Because only in the US of A could a country-meets-trap song inspire a viral dance craze. Bless you, Blanco Brown. Bless you, America. For those who only understood about a third of the words in that first paragraph (hi, Mom!): “The Git Up” is […]