Dance Spirit Video of the Month Editors' Choice October 2009

December 7, 2009

Congratulations to Courtney Ortiz,
Dance Spirit
Video of the Month Editors’ Choice winner for her modern solo “Like a Prayer.” In this piece, we were impressed by Courtney’s combination of technique, innovation, and artistry into one well constructed and performed piece. She moves with a sense of maturity that comes from her confident, grounded connection with the floor as well as her incredibly strong core. Notable are her intuitive control of her body as one expressive whole, her advanced ability to move her arms from her back, and her effortless transitions. Toward the middle of the solo, the two creative occasions where she takes a pirouette straight into floor work were highlights, as well as the moment when she rose quickly into a V-sit without releasing her lower abs for an instant. But these instances didn’t make the piece by themselves. Combining fluidity with syncopation and strength with flexibility, Courtney makes difficult dancing look easy and natural. She’s definitely a “package deal” of a performer.