Dance Spirit Video of the Month Viewers' Choice October 2009

December 7, 2009

Congratulations to Andrea Sanchez, winner of the
Dance Spirit
Video of the Month Viewer’s Choice Award! Her solo, “Fandango,” combines intense instrumental music, glam costuming, and feminine sass into one power-packed crowd-pleaser of a routine. Choreographer Patricia Penenori gets special kudos for the choice of music that gave Andrea a chance to show her dynamic and spunky musicality. We especially loved the contrast between the smooth, mysterious beginning and the energetic, hard-hitting finale of the piece. This 13 year-old soloist also demonstrates a good balance of strength, control, and flexibility, even while dancing with top hat in hand. From here, we’d love to see her focus on ironing out the flow of transitions between steps. Keep up the good work, Andrea!