A Valentine's Day Special: 7 of Our Fave Male Dancers

March 7, 2016

Forget the sugary hearts and boxes of chocolate—what’s Valentine’s Day without a little eye candy? In lieu of long-stemmed roses, here’s our gift to you: seven of our favorite male dancers, who are equal parts gorgeous and gifted, sounding off about everything from their favorite roles to their first kisses.

Haze Kware (via instagram)

Hi, my name is Virgil Gadson…

…but you can call him Lil’ O.

Where you’ve seen him: As a finalist on “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 12, and making his Broadway debut in After Midnight

Relationship status: “I’m in a relationship. We’ve been together for about two years.”

His idea of a perfect date: “Go-karts, laughing, roller coasters and skydiving. It’s safe to say I like adventure.”

What he looks for in a significant other: “Someone I can relate to, whether it’s through dance, music, the arts, anything. And a good sense of humor. That’s a must.”

His first kiss: “It was a surprise—I didn’t even realize it was happening!

It was under a table at school, during recess. I was in third grade, and I remember her face but can’t remember her name. I hope she doesn’t read this!”

Kevin Thomas Garcia (courtesy Jacob Karr)

Hi, my name is Jakob Karr..

…but you can call him Jake.

Where you’ve seen him: In Company XIV’s Nutcracker Rouge, on tour with New York City Dance Alliance and as a finalist on “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 6

Relationship status: “Incredibly single”

What he looks for in a significant other: “Confidence in himself and what he does. There’s a very fine line between pride and vanity, but there’s

a massive gap between confident and insecure.”

His idea of a perfect date: “I’m a total foodie, and I’ll eat anything. So we’d go to any sort of restaurant that’s new and delicious and exciting.”

His first kiss: “I started young—preschool, to be exact. It was on the playground, by the tire swing. I don’t remember who it was because I was a huge player in preschool and had at least 30 girlfriends. Joke’s on them!”

You’re in for a night of Netflix and snuggling—what are you watching?

“A ‘Family Guy’ marathon, followed by an intense episode of ‘Barefoot Contessa.’ ”

Theo Kossenas/Media4Artists (courtesy The Washington Ballet)

Hi, my name is Tamás Krizsa…

…but you can call him Tomi.

Where you’ve seen him: Dancing with The Washington Ballet

Relationship status: Sorry, ladies—he’s got a girlfriend (and she’s a dancer).

His favorite role: Albrecht in Giselle. “It’s so fulfilling as an artist because you can show the multiple layers of the character’s development—the progression from a duke who doesn’t mind playing with the hearts of many to a sincerely changed, pure-hearted, tortured soul.”

The craziest thing a love-struck fan ever did for him: “I always try to reply to fan mail. Once, I got a letter about three months late—and I felt so badly that this person had to wait for a reply that I actually went out for a tea with her. We ended up becoming pretty good friends!”

His first kiss: “It was my first time in New York, on top of a skyscraper, when I was 18. It was indescribable.”

You’re in for a night of Netflix and snuggling—what are you watching? “ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Gotham,’ ‘The 100’ or ‘Arrow.’ A series instead of a movie.”

Matthew Murphy (courtesy Keigwin + Company)

Hi, my name is Kile Hotchkiss…

…but you can call him Chotchy.

Where you’ve seen him: Dancing with Keigwin + Company. He’s also danced with TAKE Dance and skybetter & associates.

Relationship status: “Sorry, I’m taken—and my boyfriend, Brandon Cournay, is also in Keigwin + Company!” (Pause for awwwwww.)

What he looks for in a significant other: “Someone who is genuine, passionate and caring, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. We work hard enough every day—it’s important to be able to blow off steam.”

His idea of a perfect date: “Concerts are always fun, or going to a good vegetarian restaurant. Traveling is the ultimate date, though. It’s important to share new experiences and build a relationship that way.”

If he were to choreograph a duet for himself and Brandon, it would be set to: “Something by The Shirelles. I like the idea of two men dancing to a classic girl group. There’s something quirky, heartfelt and cheeky in there.”

Deen Van Meer (courtesy Disney Theatrical Group)

Hi, my name is Adam Jacobs…

…but “just call me Al,” he insists.

Where you’ve seen him: Starring as Aladdin

in Aladdin on Broadway. Before that, he played Simba in Broadway’s The Lion King and Marius in Les Misérables.

Relationship status: Married (with children—he and his wife have twin boys!)

His dream job: “Conductor for the New York Philharmonic”

The craziest thing a love-struck fan ever did for him: “I had a girl profess her love for me on Twitter and ask me to follow her back. She asked every day for a month—by day 20, even her friends were chiming in, saying ‘please follow her back already!’ On day 30, I capitulated while congratulating her on her persistence.”

His first kiss: “Seventh grade. Our braces got stuck together. Enough said.”

You’re in for a night of Netflix and snuggling—what are you watching?

“She’d want ‘Downton Abbey,’ and I’d want ‘Breaking Bad.’ We’d probably settle on

‘Homeland’ or ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’ ”

Courtesy Luke Anthony Broadlick

Hi, my name is Luke Anthony Broadlick…

…but you can call him L.A. (“My mom has called me that since I was little.”)

Where you’ve seen him: Grooving alongside Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL and on tour with Justin Bieber. He’s also the man behind the moves in Magic Mike—he choreographed the original and the sequel.

Relationship status: “I have a special lady.” (Hint: She’s a recording artist!)

The craziest thing a love-struck fan ever did for him: “One girl waited 10 hours just to take a picture with me! And another person showed up at my hotel and brought me food.”

His first kiss: “I was in kindergarten, in the library. I was sitting next to a girl named Sarah, and my buddy said I wouldn’t kiss her. So of course I kissed her. Her mom called later and yelled at my mom.”

You’re in for a night of Netflix and snuggling—what are you watching? “The romantic comedy section is great and all, but I’m definitely going for the old Disney movies. I’m just a big kid.”

Fairchild with Leanne Cope in “An American in Paris” (Matthew Murphy, courtesy Boneau/Bryan-Brown)

Hi, my name is Robert Fairchild…

…but you can call him Robbie.

Where you’ve seen him: Starring in An American in Paris on Broadway, and as a principal dancer with New York City Ballet

Relationship status: “Happily married” to fellow NYCB principal Tiler Peck

What he looks for in a significant other: “Someone who is beautiful inside and out, who challenges me, who laughs at my jokes and who makes life’s most basic activities feel like so much fun.”

The craziest thing a love-struck fan ever did for him: “Someone once asked me if they could slap my butt!”

His first kiss: “A girl—who will remain nameless—in eighth grade back in Utah, at a party at her house.”