5 Looks to Make Your Team Stand Out in 2018

Sponsored by Move U
March 25, 2018

Winter is drawing to a close and you know what that means — It’s time to really kick this year into gear! Move U has done the research so you can find your best match, look good, and feel great this season with a twist unique to your team! Here are five looks to put your performance on the map in 2018.

5 – Pop of Color

The Dynasty
set uses that eye-catching POP of color to grab your attention–and keep it! Kick in the contrast with black, white, and a vibrant color of your choice! That striking color is sure to last beyond the season and set a bold statement that your audience will not forget.

Favorite Item: Dynasty Jersey

Favorite Colors: Pink, Blue, Purple

4 – Get Serious

With a modern take on the tried and true Varsity look, Spartans keeps rolling out the surprises with its lovely details. This set cranks up the nostalgia in all the right ways. Unite your team with this classy look!

Favorite Item: Spartans Warmup Jacket

Favorite Colors: Blue/Gold, Black/Pink, Maroon/Grey

3 – Be Wild

We know the music is in your heart, but this style wears that passion on your sleeve. Matrix is designed with music in mind it is the perfect set for everything dance. Make your audience feel the beat with every performance.

Favorite Item: Matrix Midrise Leggings

Favorite Colors: Teal, Purple, Pink

2 – Fierce!

Simple, but intimidating. Blaze stops your competition in their tracks when you step into the spotlight in style. Your team color will be the brightest in the room with this sleek and edgy set.

Favorite Item: Blaze Open Back Crop Top

Favorite Colors: Red, Aqua, Green

1 – Be Unique

Who doesn’t love marble? These Panther designs will have your team looking beautiful and unstoppable no matter what style you’re performing. The detail of color brings this trendy look to the next level. Be the most unique team to hit the stage in 2018.

Favorite Item: Panthers Bra Top

Favorite Colors: Pink, Aqua, Gold

Don’t let your team be part of the crowd this year. Move U‘s designers create something truly custom-tailored to your style. Want to see more? Check out their most recent catalog for all the latest styles.