Dance Your Way Through NYC With This Video

April 1, 2016

Anyone who’s been to NYC knows that the hustle and bustle is real. People are everywhere, all the time, and commuting through the masses can be a real drag—that is, if you aren’t dancing your way around the city! And that’s exactly what choreographer Luam demonstrates in this super fun video from the lifestyle website, Man Repeller. She and her squad, which includes Jovanni Soto and Miki Michelle, show us how to make the most of every commuting headache—from waiting forever for the subway (“Waiting Game Wobble”) to jumping over enormous puddles at the corners (“Concrete Puddle Hop”)—by dancing through it. There’s also a cameo from Man Repeller founder, Leandra Medine, at the end, grooving out while waiting for the elevator (my favorite pastime, too). Check it out below.

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