Dance Your Lunch Break Away

March 25, 2013

Coming soon to Manhattan! (a Swedish Lunch Beat party – photo AFP)

About a year ago, I wrote a very bitter post about Lunch Beat parties, the amazing dance fiestas held during lunch hour that originated in Sweden. I bemoaned the fact that something like that would never happen in buckle-down-and-eat-your-darn-sandwich-at-your-desk NYC.

Readers, I’m happy to say I was dead wrong.

On April 24, Lunch Beat will make its Manhattan debut at Slate club in the Flatiron district. For “about what people normally spend for lunch,” you’ll get a nice vegetarian buffet to nosh on and the opportunity to dance your pants off from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Scratch that—it’s not an “opportunity.” The first rule of Lunch Beat is that everyone must dance at Lunch Beat. No corner lurkers allowed.

(A happy aside: My Lunch Beat-will-never-happen-in-NYC theory was actually disproved last year. There were Lunch Beat events held during the summer of 2012 in Queens—video evidence below. New Yorkers, I underestimated you. Rock on.)